Trademat Plus+

Trademat Plus+ mats are faster to install and have a fixed cable space that gives a pleasant even spread of heat over the floor surface. Trade Mat+ is powerful at 150w per square metre and is designed for general floor warming.

Our new Trade Mat+ is incredibly well made and boasts a unique installation advantage: ‘Tack and Stick’ adhesive (right)backing. The complete underside of the mat has a tacky adhesive. This enables you to accurately position (and re-position) the mat before cutting, without the risk of movement.

The underside also incorporates tape strips, which, when removed, expose three strips of adhesive tape. This powerful adhesive then holds the mat in the final installed position ready for tiling. You will have no ends sticking up with this mat!

Cosytoes® Loose Cable is only 3mm thick and is ideal for irregular and awkward shaped floor areas, like bathrooms and is available in 6 popular sizes. The loose cable is simply adhered to the floor using the fixing tape provided following the spacings given in the installation guide and then you can tile the floor.