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Water Softeners

Did you know if you live in a hard water area your water could be contributing to higher fuel bills? Just a ΒΌ inch of scale in your hot water cylinder could increase the cost of heating your water by 40%. Not only that but limescale deposits can cause damage to household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, block showers and reduce the flow in your taps, hot water pipes and boiler.

Water softeners are by far the best solution. As well as combatting these problems they also offer other advantages: Softer water will reduce the amount of detergent and soap you use, (cheaper for you and better for the environment), and reduce the unsightly scum and water marks on sanitary ware and glass. Over time they will also reduce existing limescale deposits.

At Premier we have years of experience of supplying water softeners and are able to provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the best products on the market.

Explore some of our most popular brands below or call your local branch to check stock or discuss your water softening needs.

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