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I have ordered 2 bathrooms from Premier Heating in the last couple of months. The ordering and delivery process was very efficient and pricing competitive. I would recommend your company. 

Mrs M., Sunningdale

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Water Treatment

Although not a health risk, ‘hard water’, that is water high in dissolved minerals, can be a real nuisance to your home as the minerals are deposited and form limescale within water and heating systems. These deposits are difficult to remove once they are there and can cause problems by dramatically reducing pressure and efficiency as well as damaging household appliances.

Fortunately it is possible to ‘treat’ water to reduce these deposits in a variety of ways, using electronic, magnetic and electrolytic devices or, more traditionally, water softeners. Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to discuss the alternatives and advise you on the best product for a particular application.

Simply call your local branch to check stock or for help with enquiries regarding water treatment.

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